\\ath’wart* press

ath’wart press represents projects that emerged from sliOps//
slips in vision, in speech, in word, in letterpress printing, craft,
thought, and meaning //
slips that caught me off guard//
that arrived most often at inopportune times//
but never without open arms.

sliOps\\ such as:
a typo that became a word//
a misspoken word that became the preferred pronunciation//
a pitch or tone of a question that changed its meaning.

Joseph Beuys once described these "slips" as //a preliminary
process that leads to new thought\\

Experimental in nature as inquiry is a cornerstone of my
working process.


ath’ wart (ǎth’ wart)  Origin: First pronounced by Brooke Holve at North
Bay Letterpress Arts,
Sebastopol, CA 2016. 1. n. One who mispronounces
a-thwart, the word. 2. n. A press that favors the haptic sense.  3. n. One
who a-thwarts a convention; outwith the norm. 4. adv. Movement from the
optic to the haptic sense, from one side to the other. 5. adv. From the ship
shape to the shift shaft.  6. n. Heft, a lot of thwart against which to ath.


About :
North Bay Letterpress Arts (NBLA) is a center for letterpress printers, located
in Sebastopol, CA, about an hour north of San Francisco.  As one of its
studio printers, I use this facility to make my ath'wart books and broadsides.
I occasionally teach classes and lecture there as well.